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Fuck austerity, free education now!

Updated leaflet for UK student protests! Also available as a pdf – with space left for upcoming protests and contact details of local groups. Email theviolentminority [at] riseup.net for a copy of the original files.

Fuck debt! Fuck rent! Fuck Austerity! Decent, free education for everyone!

Page 1 of the Leaflet

Page 1 of the Leaflet

University has become a scheme to get us to pay for our own job training. Courses are advertised for “transferable skills” and job prospects, while corporations even get a say in course content. The rich are the ones who benefit from this. They profit from trained-up, compliant workers while we foot the bill: it comes out of our wage packets each month as student loan repayments.

If this wasn’t bad enough – a huge amount of student loan money goes to crooks calling themselves landlords. Our rent pays off their mortgages while they sit on their arses watching the money roll in.

Most recently, we’ve seen the introduction of £9k fees, part of the Tory “austerity” programme. They say it is about clearing the deficit – but really it’s about taking money from us and giving it to the rich. The new fees actually cost them more than the old ones!

If we do nothing about it this is going to get worse. We’ll see hikes in the interest on student loans, even bigger rents, and more cuts to our public services. The rich get richer and we get poorer. SO LET’S FIGHT BACK! Continue reading