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We are a Mass Movement! Class Struggle is not Dead

Vote for nobody  graffiti

Vote for Nobody!

Over 3 million in the UK – that is the number of people involved in a movement that I am proud to be a part of. Each year, we refuse to register our names and addresses with the government’s “electoral register” [1]. We don’t care that this is technically against the law, [2] and we don’t care about not being able to vote – we hate all politicians anyway. The media tell us that we are just apathetic, that not voting can’t be an act of rebellion, even a small one. But why not? With over three million of us not even registered – it is obvious that none of us are alone. We are not organised, true – but then we don’t need to be. Our message is obvious: politicians are worthless to us. So worthless they are not even worth an X in a box. This is just one example of the rebellions going on around us every day – and most of them are less passive too [3]. Every time we shoplift something instead of paying for it, every time we refuse to grass our neighbours to the police, and every time we stand up for each other at work – that is an act in the class struggle. This short article will look at why we need to take these acts further, and some of barriers we will need to overcome along the way.
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