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Confessions of a ‘Civil Anarchist’

I am what some people call a ‘civil anarchist’, a term coined in the text “Anarchy – Civil or Subversive?” [1]. I believe in collective action, in workplace organising, and do not take part in anonymous sabotage that isn’t part of a mass-movement. Despite this, I agree with a lot of the points in “Civil or Subversive”. The past few years have seen a series of courageous attacks – around the world and especially in Bristol. Anonymous cells have burnt down a police firearms training centre, smashed the offices of a newspaper that tried to get us to snitch on rioters, and set fire to the cars of two politicians. These actions brought a smile to my face. I do not understand all of the communiques or all of the actions that have happened. But I hate the police and the rich, and I respect anyone with the courage to strike back at them! However, the response that I have seen from some anarchists – in person and in public – has been ridiculous. I will be outlining some of the actions that I think were wrong, and then responding to the attitudes I think have caused them. Continue reading