Right to Riot

There is not much that needs to be said about rioting – the facts are so obvious that we all know them deep down, even if we don’t admit it. That the news reporters who tell us fighting police is wrong, are hypocrites who also tell us that fighting wars is right (and never count the cost) – that is obvious. That the leaders who tell us to respect the property of the corporations, are hypocrites because all that they have was got by theft and murder – that is obvious too.

We all know that the ‘rights’ we have were got by insurrection and sabotage. It isn’t hard to work out that if we want to defend these rights or if we want more, then that will probably mean rioting again. While fighting for freedom is a good thing, being on the ground when it starts is hard and scary and involves some moral grey-areas. Not everyone on ‘our side’ will be a good person. Again, did we need anyone to tell us that? Have we ever seen anything that could make us expect any different?

We have a right to riot – it is undeniable. Until the rich stop trying to control our lives and take everything we have, there will be riots again. This isn’t hard to work out. So what is there to think about? There is one question that needs answering, and only one: What will you DO? Will you sit back and let your rights disappear? Will you join the oppressors and help them keep the rest of us down? Or will you head outside and take back the streets? Answering that question – now that’s hard. But courage starts with a choice. Whether you dare to make it is up to you…

(Also, check this out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzDQCT0AJcw )


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